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Jádí Habitiin Enterprise

Building Together & Growing Together

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About Us

Who is Jádí Habitiin Enterprise?

Ya'at'eeh! Welcome to our site. We are a non profit organization serving the community of Gap/Bodaway chapter on the Navajo Nation. Jádí Habitiin Enterprise members are self sustaining Navajo artists who share and sell their traditional artistry and culture with people from around the world.

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Our Mission

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Our Mission

JHE was developed to help establish a safe and organized venue for small businesses to operate and prosper on the Navajo Nation within the Bodaway/Gap Chapter. Its mission is to assist individual vendors and the whole community to prosper through economic development by artisan vending. Our primary goals are to continuously help improve the community with employment opportunities for small business owners. Additionally, we use the funds we generate to provide monetary assistance to individuals and families. JHE creates opportunities for small business owners to increase their profits in times of tough economic conditions and high unemployment that exist on the Navajo Nation. JHE offers new opportunities to make a living on the reservation. We stand strong in our belief in our entire community family's ability to grow together.

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JHE consist of three locations along US89 and US89A

The principal place of business shall be located within the Bodaway/Gap Chapter of the Western Navajo Agency

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Jádí Habitiin Enterprise

Jadi Habitiin Enterprise
P.O. Box 2887
Page, Arizona 86040

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